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Please inform the Secretary of any change of address, telephone number, e-mail or any other relevant information.
If you inform the Secretary that you are ex directory for either your telephone or address then it will not be divulged to anyone.

We have received the following letter from new member Mr. Alan Parker:-


I was hoping someone would be able to help me to find out anything about

 David Veevers.

I was a prodigy of his prior to me leaving the service and I encouraged

him to become an SR rating.  I left the service 1956 and David became

anSR in  1957 and he left the service  in 1981 as a FCPO (SR).

If he is still around, I would very much like to contact him.

Alan Parker   “Lincs.”

If anyone knows anything about David then please contact the Secretary who

will put  you in touch with Alan (or you can get his details from the directory).



South Atlantic Medal

Some of you may have heard the announcement that the qualifying period for the award

of The South Atlantic Medal has been extended to 21st October 1982.

This may well mean that HMS Hecate Ships Company may qualify. (See below)


The qualifying period for the award of the South Atlantic Medal without the rosette

 will be extended from 12th July to 21 October 1982. The original decision to end the

qualifying period on the 12th July 1982 was taken too hastily: those who served beyond

that date experienced both risk and rigour until the airfield at Mount Pleasant was

completed on 21st October .


As HMS Hecate arrived in the war zone on the 19 August 1982, it’s possible the ships

company who served from 19th August 1982 until 21st October 1982 may qualify for

this medal. They will (individually) have to fill out the form on the Veterans UK web

site after  the 1st October 2014.




HMS Enterprise

The following correspondence has been received from the Liaison Officer for HMS Enterprise, Lt. P. J. Kelly RN.

 There has been a bit of a delay getting them on so please accept our apologies and enjoy.

3rd December 2012

19th  January 2013

24th March 2013

1st July 2013



The tree and plaque sponsored by the Association and the Hydrographic Department

 at the National Memorial Arboretum.

                                                              SSA sponsored tree.jpg                                             Plaque at sponsored tree.jpg


I received an e-mail from Gordon Smith at which may interest some of you:-

                        Dear Sir

                        I have a link to you under Naval Associations at

                        Would you like to add a link back to We include all RN casualties 1914 to 2008.

                        A selection of logos are attached.


                        You might like to know that we include a page on hydrographic work in the RN by Lt Cdr Geoff Mason at 

               plus detailed ship histories of HMS COOK, DALRYMPLE,

                        DAMPIER, OWEN and FRANKLIN listed towards the end of


                        Thanks and best wishes
                        Gordon Smith

Naval History is now also linked on the link page.



The following e-mail was received recently by the Secretary:-

                        From: terry dukes

                    Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2010 4:41 AM


                    Subject: H.M.S. Dampier


                    Hi Joe
                               I am an ex-dockie from Portsmouth now living in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ,(Borneo) Malaysia.

                     I spend most of my free time tracking down shipwrecks around these parts (mainly Japanese from WWII)

                     and I have just come across that HMS Dampier was stationed in these waters during the 50's and surveyed a few wrecks.
                    Would you know how I could possibly get hold of any of her findings or any crew members who were around in those days.



                    Terry Dukes




Mike Wigg, whose father served onboard HMS Challenger, has posted a website

containing some of his father‘s photographs from Challengers 1950 – 1952 survey of the Pacific.

 Visit the site at:-



The following Links were kindly sent by Millar Telfer  ( X  LRO (T) Hecate 70 – 72 )



Another Link worth looking at:  Could this really be the Beagle????



The Association has had a request from someone looking for a David Oldnall who is believed to have served onboard

HMS Bulldog , or a ship of that class.  Anybody who has any information or who feels they can help in any way please

Contact the Secretary.

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The Royal Maritime Club – Portsmouth

(Formerly The Royal Sailors Home Club)

The Survey Ships Association has Country Membership of The Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth.
SSA members are entitled to use this Club may enjoy ALL the facilities of the club at Members Rates.

To Book and get Members rates, you must quote Membership Number – 5675.
You must also quote the Membership Number if just signing in for Day Use of The Clubs Facilities.
Only Members are allowed to purchase drinks from the bar.

The Royal Maritime Club
Queen Street

Tel: 023 9282 4231

Fax: 023 9229 3496

Advanced Booking: 023 9283 7681 (09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday)


Website: There is an on-line booking facility.




Federation of Naval Associations

For further information about the F.N.A. or to join
(as an association or as an individual) contact
The Secretary, "Robbie" Robson on 0191 584 7058

For information about, or to contribute to, the Guardian Ensign
or Lost Ship mates contact:-
Brian Joy - E-mail:

Or contact any of the council members named in the Guardian Ensigns shown below.

Guardian Ensign:
Autumn 2007

February 2008


The South Atlantic Medal Association (1982)
[SAMA (82)]

Registered Charity No: 1118842 Registered Company No: 6113679


Chairman:- Gordon Mather MM

All Holders of The South Atlantic Medal are encouraged to join SAMA (82).

For Details, contact:-

The Secretary
SAMA (82)
Unit 25 Torfaen Business Centre
Panteg Way




Tel: 01495 741592





The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) & Liberty Lodge

Registered Charity No: 1094950



Chief Executive: Mr. Derek “Smokey” Cole

167 Stoke Road
PO12 1SE

Tel: 023 9251 1582




























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